racial justice & policing

everyone has the right to be fairly prosecuted and treated
within the criminal justice system regardless of their race.

What is the criminal justice system?

A criminal justice system is a collection of social and also lawful establishments for imposing criminal regulation through a specified collection of step-by-step guidelines and restrictions.

Effectively, a criminal justice system should be able to detain those who are a danger to society and protect its citizens from the same dangers posed to them.

Unfortunately, many criminal justice systems around the world have failed us and are in dire need of reform. This requires the collaboration of governments and their people.


What is the impact of the criminal justice system on our human rights?

A working criminal justice system protects its citizens and upholds human rights, and often they do. The system is essential for the proper protection of individual rights and property.

However, a system that is broken or abused becomes an opportunity for human rights infringement. The police and other authority positions can potentially be taken over by criminals or corrupt individuals, and the system will then cause more harm than good. That’s why it’s extremely important for this system to not only have a strict code of ethics, but a focus on individual responsibility.

Issues within the criminal justice system





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